Westport Welding Innovation was founded in 2016 by Patrick Staunton to offer organizations a deeper understanding of how to control their welding and inspection costs, quality and productivity.

Patrick is a 2001 Graduate of the Ohio State University’s acclaimed Welding Engineering program, and currently serves as the President of the Welding Engineering Alumni Society.  He is a certified LEAN 6-sigma green belt and an ASQ certified manager of quality and organizational excellence.

While gaining experience in the automotive, shipbuilding, nuclear power, and oil & gas industries he saw a common problem – there is often a disconnect between the knowledge of welding and inspection between management, operations, and engineering.  An even bigger gap is lies between a commissioning company’s expectations and their specifications.  This leads to situations where time, money and effort are wasted trying to purse “industry standard” solutions that are just not effective.

Westport Welding Innovation is here to bridge those gaps.  Our team excels at breaking down the highly specialized and peculiar jargon that surrounds welding and inspection.  Decision makers are enabled to make better choices based on clearer understanding of what is required.  We also partner with these organization to implement these changes and along with continuous improvement, give these companies a competitive advantage.